Introducing LINK Make Any Watch Smart


LINK The World’s First & Only Smart-Clasp

A watch is meant to be luxurious, fashionable and a form of self-expression.

An image on the screen of a smartwatch will never replicate or replace the beauty and craftsmanship one sees on the face of a mechanical watch. However, in our digitally driven world, watches lack functionality and connectivity.

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LINK is the answer! It bridges the gap between the beauty, craftsmanship and elegance of a luxury watch and the connectivity and functionality of a smartwatch. All in the form of an electronic watch clasp that can be added to most watches. With its beautiful curved touchscreen it links your watch with your smartphone so you no longer have to sacrifice fashion for connectivity. It is truly the missing link.

Getting LINK up and running is easy, simply remove your existing clasp and replace with LINK. You can do it yourself or at any watch store in just a few minutes.

LINK & its Functions

LINK The World’s First and Only Smart-Clasp.


Incoming calls, Texts, Calendar Alerts, E-mails, etc. LINK will become an extension of your smartphone with the ability to send quick replies when you are in a meeting or while driving.

Push Alerts

App notifications are pushed to your LINK smart-clasp. Twitter, Facebook, etc. LINK will be integrated to work with many of your favorite apps.

Selectable Languages

English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese and Russian available. More languages will be available for download in the future.

Contactless Payment & NFC

Use LINK to make secure payments, collect points on loyalty cards, unlock doors, devices and much more .


LINK measures your heart rate and helps track your activity time, calories burned, steps you’ve made, and the duration of your activities.


Use LINK to set timers, counters and even GPS enabled world time.

Remote Control

LINK allows you to control your other smart devices such as computers, tablets and smartphone. Use LINK as a remote control for you phone’s camera, music player and much more. LINK can find your phone as well as alert you when it is not with you.

Digital Microphone

Use LINK’s built in digital mic to command your digital assistant, take notes, dictate texts, etc.

LINK is available for pre-order.

Take A Look At Available Models

The LINK Smart-Clasp is available in three different models.

Pre-order your Favorite Smart-Clasp

Chrome | Stainless | Gold | Rose | Black

Polished Stainless

Polished Chrome

Rose Gold

Black iON Coated

Premium Coco  Leather Strap


Colors available


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