Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone here at Wearatec™ is very excited for the launch of link and feel very honored by the positive responses we are getting from the media, members, backers and future customers.

We are very dedicated to providing a world class smart-clasp and are working around the clock to make LINK a reality. In the end, we are still a start-up with a small but growing team of entrepreneurs trying to do the work of a large multi-million dollar company.

Every question is important and we are trying to respond to them as fast as possible but please bear with us, it may take a couple of days for us to get back to you.

So, the following are some popular questions and answers that a lot of our customers have been asking. We really hope that this helps to answer your questions. However, feel free to drop us a line at any time and we will do our best to answer them in a timely manner.

We will also continue to add more questions to this page as they arise. Thank you for your support and patients!

1. How can I check if LINK™ will fit my watch?

Measure the width of your watch straps lug where your clasp connects to the strap. If your watch falls into one of the seven classes below, we have a LINK that will fit your watch. Please refer to the table and picture for assistance. You can also check with a local watch store, or send us the model reference no. and we will try to help










2. Which wristwatches can the LINK™ connect to?

We currently offer clasps that are capable of connecting to strap widths from 22mm-26mm that fall into the seven classes that we have specified which fit many modern watches.

3. What if my watch has two different widths where the band connects to the clasp?

No problem, LINK™ will come with various size inserts and clasp arms so you can find the combination that works for your watch. Just ensure that your watch falls into one of the seven specified classes.

4. How do I attach the Smart Strap to my wristwatch?

You can do it yourself but we would recommend to have it done at a local watch store. This way they will attach LINK™ and resize your strap to properly fit your wrist. Most watch stores perform this service at a minimal fee.

5. What straps are you using on the version that comes with the strap?

We are using a very hi-end strap from Jean Rousseau.

6. Can I use my own leather strap?

At the moment, LINK™ can accept most steel straps but we would only recommend using our leather strap if you wish to use it with that type of watch. This is because LINK™ is a bit wider than a standard buckle so your watch’s straps will be too long. With steel straps, links can be removed to make the strap smaller in length to accommodate.

7. Can I order LINK™ with a watch of my choice?

Yes, for a limited time and a selection of luxury watches which we will specify. You can select the watch and we will assembly LINK™ onto the watch for you and simply charge you the MSRP for the watch you selected in addition to the cost of LINK™. This will be one of our pledge on our crowd funding campaign but quantities are limited.

8. What is the waterproof rating?

LINK™ is water resistant. This means that you can get it wet like when washing hands or showering but we do not recommend swimming with LINK™.

9. Do you have a mic on the clasp?

No, LINK™ do not come with a mic.

10. Do you have a speaker on the clasp?

No, LINK™ is not equipped with a speaker. LINK™ notifies you using discrete vibration alerts.

11. How does LINK™ get charged?

LINK™ uses a magnetic USB connector and comes with a wall jack and cable.

12. Which phones will LINK™ OS support?

LINK™ will be compatible with Android and iOS for now. We will be working on compatibility with Windows Phone and BB 10 in the future.

14. Where do you ship to?

We can ship anywhere that USP, DHL and FedEx is available.

15. Why do you need money?

Hardware development in general is very expensive. But process of miniaturizing something and packaging into a curved form factor is even more expensive and labor intensive. To do this we do not have the luxury of using standard components so everything is custom and we have to use very hi-end technologies which have NRE (non-returnable engineering) fees associated with them from our manufacturers. For example, our screen is a curved OLED which is not common in most smart watches even from some of the larger players in the smartwatch market. We use small size packaging for all of our chips and use HDI technology to build our PCB with a mixture of flex and rigid in order to save space. Everything we use is miniature and custom which increases our start-up costs but, rest assured, this is what makes LINK™ unique and different.

16. How are you guys funded right now?

At the moment and for the last 6 months we have been boot-strapping as well as allocating some private funding. We are all engineers so our labor is free, we use the funding we have been raising for prototyping, intellectual property, etc.